About Us

Intertoll Construction Sp. z o.o. (ITC) with its seat in Gdańsk was established in 2005 as subsidiary company of Intertoll Europe Zrt. Between 2005 and 2011 ITC role was to coordinate and supervise design and construction works of A1 Concession Motorway Gdańsk – Toruń, in area of Operation and Maintenance Centers (OMCs), Ramp Toll Stations (SPOs), Main Lane Plazas (PPOs), Toll Collection Equipment (TCE) and Motorway Management Equipment (MME) and in the area of road and civil engineering structures in order to optimize long term operation and maintenance cost of the motorway Operator.

In 2015, and 2021, 2022 ITC was / is responsible for A1 plaza expansion projects, which included design, construction and supervisory works. Since 2011 ITC have been providing comprehensive maintenance services for General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKIA) on several sections of motorways and express roads.

Since 2018 ITC have been providing Manual Toll Collection Services and Manual Toll Collection Equipment Maintenance services for General Inspectorate of Road Transport (GITD) and since 2020 by Ministry of Finance - National Tax Administration (KAS).

Since 2019 Intertoll Construction established and developed road works team which is specialized among many other activities in: damaged guardrails repairs; new guardrails installation; road marking; crack sealing; execution and replacement of expansion joints in concrete pavement; provision of traffic organization; minor bridge repair works.